LITT Meeting - October 7, 2008

Introductions: (8:15 – 8:30)

  • We have some new members; please give your name, school site, and grade being taught.

Information Technology Update: (8:30 – 9:00)

  • New Staff Member for RUHS, RSHS, Annex, and M&O
  • Server Systems: Upgrade Status
  • E-Mail System: Mailbox size limitation
  • Question and Answer

Infinite Campus: (9:00 – 10:00)

  • WebEx Elementary Gradebook Presentation


Welcome Activity

Screen Capture and Screencasting

  • What is a screen capture?
  • How do I capture my screen?
    • There are lots of Free screen capture tools for Windows...
    • Also, using PrimoPDF you can make a PDF of anything you can print!
    • Share by uploading the image or PDF to your blog or teacher website... or simply by emailing it to others.
    • SMART PDF CONVERTER This program is free to try and will convert PDF files to WORD or Images. It places a watermark on word documents, but can easily be removed.
  • What is a screencast?
  • How do I screencast?
    • In the past you could purchase options like Camtasia in addition to less powerful free screen capture tools for Windows.
    • Now the folks who brought us Camtasia offer the amazing and Free, Jing project.
    • Share by linking to the Jing video from your blog or teacher website... or simply by emailing it to others.
    • MONKEY MAIL is a fun site that you can have a MONKEY create a message for you. Use Jing to record the screen and upload it for your students. Here is an example of a finished product: A MONKEY MESSAGE TO STUDENTS




  • It Really Is Really Simple: An Introduction to RSS in Education
  • Search Feeds - Notifications from Google, Technorati, and More!
    • Web Search: Run a search at MSN search. Add &format=RSS to the end of the search URL. Cut and paste this URL into your feed reader. You now have a feed for that search!
    • News Search: See the instructions for Custom News Feeds at Google News
    • Technorati: Run a search at Technorati, a blog search engine. Then click on the orange subscribe link near the upper right (above the search results).

Activity: Set Up An RSS Aggregator

  • Create an account at Google Reader
  • Subscribe to some edublogs and other feeds.
  • Share items with your colleagues and/or students. Add a link to your shared items below:
  • You might also add a link to your shared items to your LITT Page.
  • Extra Credit: Add a link to your shared items on your own blog or teacher website!

Some Blogs To Subscribe To

More Read/Write Web Services (Time Permitting):


More Google

Jigsaw Activity - Modified

  • Each pair or trio of LITTs will select a different Google Tool to explore in more depth.
  • Following their explanation, they will share three things with the large group:
    • The Nature of The Tool - What is it? What does it do?
    • The Educational Value of The Tool - How might teachers and students use it?
    • How to Get Started - What are the next steps one would take?
  • Time Permitting: Explore one or more of the tools that interested you.

Reflection Activity


Future Workshop Topics?

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