LITT Meeting - January 20, 2010

RBUSD Lead Instructional Technology Teachers Meeting
January 20, 2010
  • 8:00 - 11:00 AM Elementary
  • 1:00 - 4:00 PM Secondary

District Business

New Call Out System

CASE Replacing LANDesk

Planned Network Infrastructure Upgrade
100% Wireless Implementation
Unified Communications Network - Including New Phone System & 911 System
Perimeter Security Cameras

School City (Edusoft Replacement) Meeting (Upcoming Feb 10)

Welcome Activity

What is your vision for educational technology in the school of the future?

  • "No" Books
  • More Computers
  • Keyboarding Starts Earlier
  • Learning Doesn't Stop at The Classroom Door (Online Resources / Hybrid Courses)
  • WiFi for Students
  • Games in Education
  • More Students Have Access from Home (Student Checkout Laptops? After school Labs?)
  • Campuses Open More Hours
  • Changing the Mindset of Teachers (Away from students in rows with hands folded... to "students as collaborative clients")
  • Telepresence in The Classrooms (for Foreign Language, Independent Study...)
  • Schools Without Borders (District Boundaries Will Blur)

  • Each classroom/teacher would have the tools they need: laptop, projector, document camera, scanner... (including power in addition to network)
  • Every classroom could be converted "on the fly" into a "computer lab." (A fully functioning digital classroom... even the physical makeup of the classroom... even desks could be updated... )
  • Wireless schools... and wifi for students
  • All teachers using the available technology to best benefit student learning - and teachers know how to use the technology this way.
  • Kids using their cell phones/iPods (as response mechanisms etc... like polleverywhere) - also PSP, DSi, etc...
  • Smart Boards (and Smart Desks - or handheld devices)
  • District as datacenter...
  • Students bring their own devices...
  • Teachers are comfortable with these technologies in the classroom, and are well trained with the technology...
  • Games in the classroom - students competitive with themselves. (Wii channel for education etc.)
  • Good "human" instruction is maintained - and students are able to process it.
  • Learning doesn't stop in the classroom... students interact with the community (and the world)
  • Teachers understand the resources that come with the adopted texts/resources...

How can you as a leader help move the RBUSD toward this vision?

  • LITTs can work with teachers to help get them to this point...
  • Presentations at staff meetings...

Part 1 - The Ed Tech Profile

Review of the Ed Tech Profile

Discussion (Continued): What would be the best way to implement the Ed Tech Profile as a tech planning tool at RBUSD?

Planning: How do you plan to implement this survey with the staff at your site?

  • Post your plan here!

Part 2 - The Supplemental RBUSD Technology Survey

Year One Strategic Objective

  • Create, distribute, analyze and report to the Superintendent and the Board of Education the results of a district-wide technology survey. (By February 1, 2010)
  • Possible Tools: or Google Docs Forms. (I recommend the latter.)

Discussion (Continued): What questions would be best to include on the survey? And how would this best be implemented district-wide, especially given the need to also implement the Ed Tech Profile?

Planning: How do you plan to implement this survey with the staff at your site?

  • Post your plan here!

Part 3 - An Overview of New, Powerful, and Free Tools (or Features) from Google

NOTE: This was put off until our next meeting.

This is an update for the last 18 months or so. ;)



Even More

Thanks to Chris Bell (@cbell619) for suggesting several items on this list.

What else am I missing? Please add links to you own favorite features below:
  • Your favorite new Google feature here!

Reflection Activity

How can the plans you made today help you as a leader to move the RBUSD toward your vision?

How can the things you learned about today help you move the RBUSD toward your vision?