LITT Meeting - March 23, 2010

8:00 - 11:00 AM Elementary
1:00 - 4:00 PM Secondary

Welcome and District Business

Opening Discussion

Ed Tech Profile

Supplemental Survey

Other Tech Planning Prep
  • Committee and Subcommittees
    • Curriculum: Annette, Julie, Bonnie,
    • Professional Development: Amanda, Nadine, Abby, Cynthia
    • Infrastructure: Derek, Gina, Tim,
    • Funding: Robert, Christina,
    • Monitoring/Evaluation: Diane, Robert, Gail
  • Stakeholders, Authors, Consultants, and Partners (Including Students)
    • Community Survey (Community Forum?)
    • Student Survey (Include Secondary Students on Committee?)
    • Vendors - HP? Cisco? Intel? Microsoft?
    • Parents (good contributors)
    • Students (from secondary sites) - invite a representative from each site (1 student panel after school meeting).
  • Timeline
    • Guiding Questions - April 29
    • Rubric for Curriculum Section - May 27
    • Curriculum Draft Goals - July 1
    • Then establish summer and fall meetings and timeline.
    • December DUE Date (Probably Dec 3rd)
  • Collaborative Tools: This Wiki and Google Docs...
  • Tech Planning Resources

Collaborative Tools

Focus Question

  • What are your favorite collaboration tools? (And how do you use them?)
  • Share links to your favorite tools below (if applicable):

Google Docs

Note: You can setup Google Apps: Education Edition for your own domain. It might be easiest to setup Google Apps: Standard Edition so you can setup a new domain for $10 - and then request an upgrade to education edition.

Even More Google (Time Permitting)


Reflection Activity
  • How can Google Docs help you in your teaching? (And how can it help your students, if applicable?)
  • How can Google Docs help you as a LITT with ed tech planning?
  • How else can you use this tool?

Discussion: Summer LITTs Plans