LITT Meeting - April 29, 2010

3:30 - 5:00 PM at RUHS Room 316

Welcome and District Business


Elementary Report Cards
  • Need Meeting (Mid May) to Learn Upload Process...
  • Wed May 5, 2:00 PM, Location TBD

Data Modernization Project
  • Wireless Access Points Are Installed (Square White CISCO "Cylon" Boxes)
  • All new phones, switches, etc should be done by July 1

Summer Maintenance
  • Do not pack away desktop computers... they will all be "cleaned up" (Windows XP and Adopted Software)
  • Note: Standardization on Type to Learn district wide.

Tech Planning

Ed Tech Profile

Supplemental Survey

Other Tech Planning Prep
  • Committee and Subcommittees (For the Fall)
    • Curriculum: Annette, Julie, Bonnie, Susi
    • Professional Development: Amanda, Nadine, Abby, Cynthia, Eileen
    • Infrastructure: Derek, Gina, Tim
    • Funding: Robert, Christina
    • Monitoring/Evaluation: Diane, Robert, Gail
  • Stakeholders, Authors, Consultants, and Partners (For the Fall)
    • Community Survey (and Community Forum?)
    • Student Survey (Include Secondary Students on Committee?)
    • Vendors - HP? Cisco? Intel? Microsoft?
    • Parents (good contributors)
    • Students (from secondary sites) - invite a representative from each site (1 student panel after school meeting).
  • Timeline
  • Collaborative Tools: This Wiki and Google Docs (See below...)
  • Tech Planning Resources

Collaborative Tools

Google Docs


Discussion: Summer LITTs Plans