LITT Meeting - May 27, 2010

Conference Rooms

8:00 - 11:00 AM Secondary
12:30 - 3:30 PM Elementary

Welcome and District Business

Secondary Discussion:

LITTs Calendar for Next Year
LITTs Summer Plans? Pending funding
(won't know until late June or July)... something in the middle of August.
Data Modernization is Underway...
6/4 at Adams
6/9 at Parras
6/11-6/13 RUHS Etc.
Show and Tell with Cisco Access Points and Phones

Elementary Discussion:

Elementary Report Card Upload Procedure...
Review of Union Report Card Survey
Data Modernization Update for All Elementary Sites

Tech Planning

Draft Curriculum Goals

Draft Professional Development Goals (Time Permitting)

Other Tech Planning Prep
  • Committee and Subcommittees (For the Fall)
    • Curriculum: Annette, Julie, Bonnie, Susi
    • Professional Development: Amanda, Nadine, Abby, Cynthia, Eileen
    • Infrastructure: Derek, Gina, Tim
    • Funding: Robert, Christina
    • Monitoring/Evaluation: Diane, Robert, Gail
  • Stakeholders, Authors, Consultants, and Partners (For the Fall)
    • Community Survey (and Community Forum?)
    • Student Survey (Include Secondary Students on Committee?)
    • Vendors - HP? Cisco? Intel? Microsoft?
    • Parents (good contributors)
    • Students (from secondary sites) - invite a representative from each site (1 student panel after school meeting).
  • Timeline
  • Collaborative Tools: This Wiki and Google Docs (See below...)
  • EdTechProfile
  • RBUSD Supplemental Survey
  • Tech Planning Resources

Discussion (Time Permitting)

Google Apps for RBUSD?


Discussion: Summer LITTs Plans