LITT Meeting - October 6, 2010

RBUSD Board Room
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Note: Mark Wagner not present. This is a LITTs working meeting.

Welcome and District Business

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Tech Planning

There is one focus for the day - collecting information from the LITTs that will be useful for completing the tech plan. We are most interested in answers to the remaining guiding questions, which will help us write descriptions of what the district has and does, as well as write goals for the future. The first priority is for everyone to contribute to the professional development section. The second priority is contributions to the infrastructure section. Then the funding and monitoring sections can be addressed. The subcommittees do not matter today - we want to collect as much information as possible for each section, so please contribute to each of the priority sections. Answer the questions the best you can for your classroom and your site; these are meant to be authentic teacher input. If there is data that you need, feel free to take the time to contact (call or email) the person who can get it for you... and then add it to the document or email it to Mark at

Plan Sections
Plan Duration (Derek, Mark, and Chris)
Stakeholders (Derek, Mark, and Chris)
Curriculum (Drafting Goals will continue next time.)
Professional Development <== First Priority
Infrastructure <== Second Priority
Funding <== Third Priority
Monitoring and Evaluation <== Fourth Priority
Adult Literacy (Derek, Mark, and Chris)
Research (and Online Learning) (Derek, Mark, and Chris)
Appendixes (Derek, Mark, and Chris)

Other Tech Planning Resources
See Sept 22, 2010