LITT Contribution Project 2008-2009: Guidelines

  1. Select one topic we've covered in which you'd like to develop additional expertise.
  2. Devise a new project you can complete in order to share your expertise with other LITTs and other teachers. (You may also "flesh out" one of your previous proof-of-concept projects). This will be your "Contribution Project" for 2008-2009.
  3. Your Contribution Project can be an example of something students would make or do, something a teacher would use, or something a LITT would use for professional development.
  4. You will create a Jing video explaining your project - and place a link to your video on this wiki below. (If applicable, include a link to the actual project too - if it's online.)
  5. Before beginning work, be sure to add your name and a one line description of your project below. (Later, you will add a link to your project.)

List of LITTs and Contribution Projects

Chart of Contribution Project Tools

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