LITT Summer Institute - Day 1: Educational Technology Leadership

Welcome Activity

Overview of Summer Institute

Educational Technology Planning

Activity: Mock Tech Plan

  • Break into smalll groups (of three) by grade-level or other meaningful criteria.
  • Select one "goal" you'd like to plan towards.
  • Create a measurable "curriculum" goal describing what students and teachers will learn or do.
  • Then create a corresponding goal (to support your curriculum goal) for each of the following areas:
    • Professional Development
    • Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, and Technical Support
    • Funding and Budgeting
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Create a PowerPoint slideshow to present your goals.
  • Share your goals with at least one other group. Then upload your file to your team page.
  • Time Permitting: A volunteer group can present to the large group.


Passion and Professional Development

Discussion: Best and Worst Professional Development

Activiy: Design a Mini-Lesson for Your Small Group

  • Consider an educational technology tool or skill you know well - and that you'd like to share with your fellow LITTs.
  • Create a quick mini-lesson for sharing this tool or skill. Put to work the new concepts you've learned here.
  • Present your mini-lesson to your small group. If applicable, put any relevant links on your team page.
  • Time Permitting: The best mini-lesson from each group will get to present to the large group.


Change Agents

Discussion: Successful and Unsuccessful Organizational Change

Activity: What would it take?

  • In your small group, decide on an (educational technology related) change you'd like to see in your district.
  • Ask yourselves what it would take to accomplish this change. Consider all levels of the organization - and beyond. Remember the "human side" of school change.
  • Each group will share with the large group, and all will be able to provide feedback and additional ideas.


Personal Learning Networks

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

logocolor150.jpgThis wiki and the summer institute were originally developed by:
Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
President, Educational Technology and Life Corporation