LITT Summer Institute - Day 2: Multimedia Applications in Education

Welcome Activity







Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Choose one of the tools from the sessions above that you would like to "play" with more and learn more about.
  • Consider ways that tool might be used in your role as an educator - or ways your students might use the tool.
  • Plan a proof-of-concept project to illustrate this educational use of the tool for your fellow LITTs (and others).
  • During the five days (before our next meeting) complete the proof-of-concept project.
  • If you can, upload the project to your page on this wiki, or else link to it from your page. (Be sure to include a brief description!) If you are unable to do this before our next meeting, don't worry - you'll learn some new ways to do this when we're back together!
  • Planned Projects

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

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