LITT Summer Institute - Day 3: The Read/Write Web in Education

Sharing: Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • How'd it go?
  • How might you use this with your students?
  • ... in life?

Welcome Activity

Blogs and The Read/Write Web


Activity: Create and Customize Your Own Blog




UPDATE: Due to spending additional time on Blogs and Wikis, we didn't spend any time on RSS or other services below. Feel free to explore these resources on your own!


Activity: Set Up An RSS Aggregator

  • Create an account at Google Reader
  • Subscribe to some edublogs and other feeds.
  • Share items with your colleagues and/or students.
  • Add a link to your shared items to your LITT Page.

More Read/Write Web Services (Time Permitting):

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

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