LITT Pages

Lead Instructional Technology Teacher (LITT) pages are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. Each page includes contact information and a brief bio for for one LITT. Links are also provided for each of the following: the LITT's summer institute project, the LITT's blog, and any other relevant websites maintained by the LITT.

Lead Instructional Technology Teachers

Baumgartner, Tim - Redondo Union HS
Broekman, Nadine- Madison
Cohn, Marci- Beryl Heights
Farrell,Susi - Jefferson
Leathers, Cynthia - Redondo Union High
Peterson, Jirika- Lincoln
Steinacher, Amanda - Alta Vista
Tamashiro, Julie - Tulita
Turner, Bonnie- Washington
Woodward, Stu - Adams
Young, Diane - Parras

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